EZ-CTF2022 / misc – Just the 2 of us

Just the 2 of us solved 150 points Solves: 140 Medium Tell us the name of these 2 musical instruments Flag format: EZ-CTF{Instrument1_Instrument2} (From left to right) Solving This was not as easy as I thought in the first place. I ended up, splitting the two files and search for each of them. For the […]

EZ-CTF2022 / OSINT – Limo

Limo 190 points Solves: 95 Medium Find this limo and tell us how many side windows it has Flag format: EZ-CTF{Name_of_the_Band_Number_Windows} Example: EZ-CTF{Duran_Duran_163_Windows} Solving We’ve got this strange picture of to women behind the challenge name given limo. After feeding yandex.com with this picture, I found some results pointing to the music video for a […]

EZ-CTF2022 / OSINT – Hue is this?

Hue is This? 170 points Solves: 82 Medium I think you need to do a -180 turn to find her name and the song. Flag Format: EZ-CTF{Her_Name_And_The_7th_Song_In_The_Album} Solving Okay a good old osint challenge. I uploaded the image on yandex.com and was able to find the correct image. It is an album cover for the […]

EZ-CTF2022 / OSINT – American

American 150 points Solves: 129 Easy Find the Gallery, find Mr. Gud, find the cow. Flag format: EZ-CTF{Mr_Gud_Full_Name_Cow_Painting_Name} Solving The given image is from James Ayers and is called The Rebellious One. But this is not what we are looking for, because we look for the name of Mr. Gud and a cow painting. So […]

EZ-CTF2022 / MISC – Wavie Wave

Wavie Wave solved 200 points Solves: 146 Medium What the hell is this sound that got into my "Chill Bird Vibes Vol XXI" mixtape? https://a.tmp.ninja/oLAHFlds.zip Flag format: EZ-CTF{FULL_MESSAGE} Solving Let’s have a look at the spectogram of this wave file. Maybe there is something hidden ­čÖé EZ-CTF{KNOW_YOUR_SPECTOGRAAAAMS}

EZ-CTF2022 / Cryptography – OMG

OMG 80 points Solves: 218 Easy I apologize for this one I annoyed myself creating it ­čÖé Solving Just cat the file… you will the flag in kind of ascii-art. Maybe you need to zoom out a bit. Here is a screenshot of my console: EZ-CTF{1_HAT3_TH15_FL4G}

EZ-CTF2022 / Cryptography – No Kidding

No Kidding 70 points Solves: 209 Easy No Other Kids Invent Anything like this…lol Flag Format EZ-CTF{WHATEVER_THE_MESSAGE_IS_ALL_CAPS} Solving This looks like Multi-tap or something similar… let’s just use the numbers and see what happens. I’ll use dcode.fr for this. 8/44/444/7777\\\444/7777\\\8/44/33\\\555/2/6/33/7777/8\\\222/8/333\\\333/555/2/4\\\33/888/33/33/33/33/777 T H I S\\I S\\T H E\\L A M E S T\\C T F\\F L […]

EZ-CTF2022 / Cryptography – More Sense

More Sense 60 points Solves: 123 Easy This is too easy! You will make more sense of it in no time! Flag format: EZ-CTF{ALL_CAPS_MESSAGE} File: Morse Sense.txt Solving A quick look at the message and I knew I was f…. lost. A long time I was banging my head against a wall. Because a quick […]

EZ-CTF2022 / Cryptography – McFly

McFly 125 points Solves: 14 Easy Riib_fc_I1deo_B1ff3n_Bpz_Yoo_Mdsxfkt_XoPxhatt Flag format: EZ-CTF{D3c0d3d_Message} Solving This is a fun one ­čÖé The hint for the challenge is this given picture Okay what do we see here? This is Biff, the oponent of Marty McFly from the back to the future movies… a classic ­čśÇ But something seems off in […]

NahamCon CTF 2022 / Wizard

Wizard You have stumbled upon a wizard on your path to the flag. You must answer his questions! PS (not challenge related), thank you so much to Hadrian for supporting NahamCon 2022! Press the Start button on the top-right to begin this challenge. Solving To solve this challenge, you need to connect to your own […]