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Gone But Not Forgotten



It looks like DEADFACE members shared their public keys last month. All of them sent their keys over Signal or email except for spookyboi. He mentioned uploading his key to, but none of our analysts can get to the site. Submit the MD5 hash of the public key file as the flag.

Submit the flag as: flag{MD5_hash}.


First I´ve tryed to access but:

Since spookyboi told us that he uploaded the key to the portal, there was a time the URL was working.

Wayback machine

Perfect exmaple to make use of the wayback machine from

It looks like that there is just one snapshot from 5th of October - let´s have a look.

But than 🙁

Hmm, user and password .. let´s have a look in the Ghost Town forum provided in other challenges and search for all posts from spookyboi. All his posts.

This one looks promising:

And in detail the last post:

So add docs to the URL in the wayback machine

And here it is:

(at the time of the writeup the file is no longer available on

So I´ve donwnloaded it and calcualted the MD5


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